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The Blue Zone

Fifty years ago Prevention Magazine was the stalwart for promoting prevention of diseases in states through healthy eating. Somewhere along the way they lost their compass and started to accept advertising from pharmaceutical companies promoting pharmaceuticals. Today the majority of physicians in the United States believe in treating the symptoms of disease states and have a propensity not to explore the impact of lifestyle, poor nutrition, and lack of nutrients as the root cause in may illnesses.

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The Chicken and the Egg

One of the basic mysteries of life is what came first, the chicken or the egg? We can’t solve that question, but we can learn about how the chicken egg has evolved in the last 50 years.

Back in the 1950’s I read an article in Scientific America about how a Professor of Animal Husbandry proposed a new way to mass produce chicken eggs for the American consumer. Basically, it took the chicken from the farmyard and sunlight to a mechanized feeding and growing production line inside metal barns a half block long with artificial lighting. It is not uncommon to have 10,000 to 30,000 chickens crammed into metal cages inside these metal barns.

The chickens are fed a diet that stimulates faster growth and they weigh more than the barnyard chicken of old. This concept was embraced by the chicken farmers, and today, the majority of the 75 billion eggs produced in the US are from the factory chicken production lines.

It was discovered early on, that 30% of the chickens were developing rickets and breaking their legs. In addition, the crowded cage conditions increased the risk of having a bird disease caused by pathogens to decimate the chicken population.

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Infant Guinea Pigs

The marketing of Splenda by Johnson and Johnson epitomizes the advertising genius of how to sell a chemical sweetener to the American public. Not only has Johnson and Johnson done an A plus job on the brand name for sucralose, but sucralose is now seen as the answer to the obesity problem in the United States. It is now in thousands and thousands of food products consumed by the American public. Most of the products are advertising the lessened caloric intake of the product per serving. Most buyers of these food and drink products don’t even know they are consuming sucralose and not sucrose.

 It is amazing how two little letters can spell the difference between believing you are ingesting a naturally occurring sweetener verses a synthetically manipulated chemical where three oxidizing chlorine atoms are added to the chemical compound that resembles a sugar molecule.

What is generally misunderstood by the public is that salt which is a combination of sodium and chlorine which are toxic when isolated are not toxic for human consumption when it exists within the human body when it is at the normal saline solution level within the body. This paradox is explained by the fact that salt is a compound, a unique chemical substance, and not merely a mixture of sodium and chlorine. In fact, sodium atoms and chlorine atoms do not exist as such in salt! Every sodium atom has lost an electron to a chlorine atom, forming positive sodium ions, Na+, and negative chloride ions, CL-. It is not these negative chlorine atoms that are worrisome. It is oxidizing chlorine atoms that are being ingested.

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