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Reduce risk of Breast Cancer by as much as 90%

My goal today is to share what I have learned about our healthcare system and how you as individuals can take the necessary action to minimize your chances of acquiring disease states including cancer.

We have a healthcare crisis in the United States.
Fifty years ago, only 1 in 22 women acquired breast cancer.
Today it is 1 in 8 women. Autism was almost non-existent but
today, they believe 1 in 50 infants born will have some form of autism.

A report came out that in the Amish communities in Ohio, the autism rate is only 1 in 10,000. The Amish grow their own food.

Dr. Weil was trained at Harvard and believes in good nutrition and integrating our current healthcare system with alternative medicine. He has said that we do not have a healthcare system in the United States. In reality we have a disease management system and our ability to change the system is in doubt. He has testified before a congressional healthcare committee in Washington about this issue. I concur with his assessment.

I am a pharmacist by education but I have also received a degree in business management and have studied how our healthcare system works from a profit point of view. In my business career I became intimately knowledgeable about how our pharmaceutical manufacturers work and interact with the FDA and Congress thru lobbyists. They are one of the best run and most profitable industries in the nation. They depend on developing patented drugs to treat the symptoms of disease states for which they can charge a lot of money.
So where are we? We are 49th in the world in life expectancy, 50th in infant mortality according to the CIA and we are spending 3 Trillion dollars a year on healthcare headed for 5 Trillion by 2020. That is almost twice as much per capita than any other nation in the world and we have 30 million people who can’t afford healthcare. The Office of Business management in Washington has declared that our cost of Healthcare is the number one detriment to our long term economic growth.

Consequently Congress has created the Affordable Healthcare Act to contain the growth of Healthcare expenditures. It is predicted insurance rates for Healthcare will climb 25% in 2014 year. In a year we may be calling it the Unaffordable Healthcare Act.

In reality, the problem that is driving our healthcare crisis is not being addressed.

We are consuming too many nutrient deficient foods in this country that have been grown on nutrient depleted soil. In addition, much of it is contaminated by residues of herbicides and insecticides. Also, we have genetically modified crops called GMO’s designed to increase crop yield around the global to feed the billions without any real understanding of the future impact of gene manipulation on our crops. Finally they are processed in a manner that further depletes the nutrient content and in many cases is delivered to the consumer as convenience foods laced with chemicals to enhance the taste, reduce spoilage and deliver little or no nutritional value. In other words, we are consuming belly fillers. In California last year the GMO industry spent $47 million dollars defeating our right to know when we are eating GMO foods. That’s 47 million to defeat our right to know.

Over the last 50 years the nutrient content of the foods we consume have been dramatically reduced and the toxins we are consuming have dramatically increased. The NIH, the Institute of Medicine and the FDA and the medical profession have not recognized how these events have had a strong synergistic effect on lowering our ability to stay healthy. If they have, they have not found the courage to speak out and reverse the problem. The FDA has approved many of the chemicals that are added to our food supply and have limited the amount of the chemicals that we can consume in a serving.

We consume many different artificial sweeteners in multiple foods. Here is a list of them. The newest popular sweetener on the market is called sucralose. It has been added to 10’s of 1,000’s of food products in the United States. The FDA says it is OK if we don’t consume more than 5 mg per Kilo gram of body weight. It’s been on the market for a decade or so. Marine biologists are now finding sucralose in the ocean waters around the US.

To digress for a moment. Do you know what else the marine biologists have discovered? Fish in our aquariums such as the Shedd in Chicago that manages 32,000 aquatic animals will not stay healthy if they don’t get enough Vitamin D. They solved the problem with Vitamin D sun lamps.
100 years ago we knew the importance of Vitamin D and we had solariums on the top floor of hospitals, which have basically all disappeared.

What did they know then that we don’t know now? I guess we need to have our marine biologists teach our physicians about the true value of Vitamin D or maybe we should seek health advice from them.

Back to sucralose. You can’t control your consumption when it is included in many of the products you consume daily and the ingredient statement doesn’t say how much you are consuming. You may know it as Splenda when you add it to your coffee or tea.

When your baby needs electrolytes to reverse dehydration your physician will advise you to buy Pedialyte flavored which contains sucralose. We are training our infants to accept this chemical as being natural. Shame on the FDA and the medical profession for not stopping this travesty.

The FDA believes they are doing the right thing, but they don’t recognize it isn’t only the chemical sucralose that we are consuming, but a whole list of other chemicals such as saccharin, msg, aspartame, equal, coal tar dyes, chemical flavoring agents, preservatives, growth hormones and meat modifiers and too much caffeine. It is the cumulative effect of all these toxins that are creating the harm.

The FDA has been politicized and influenced more by the food and drug manufacturers than guided by what is ethical and good for the citizens of the US. Equal (aspartame) was approved through political manipulation of the FDA. Also, as another example is a chemical which sat on the chemist shelf for 50 years & was marketed by J & J as a better alternative than aspirin. Only now, 50 years later are we learning about the fact that half the liver transplants are caused by overdosing on Tylenol or the generic called acetaminophen. In addition, 1000’s die each year from overdoses and the truth has still not been revealed that acetaminophen is converted to phenacetin in the body and is responsible for kidney damage and kidney failure. The drug phenacetin was taken off the market years ago, but we still are exposed to the detrimental effects of this drug by consuming acetaminophen. This drug depletes the important essential nutrient called glutathione.

So what am I getting at? It is the cumulative effect of all these chemicals=toxins all added together that are having a detrimental effect on our bodies ability to ward off disease states and particularly cancers.

Think back. Fifty years ago many of these chemicals didn’t exist and our food supply was more wholesome and nutritious. Many of us still had Victory gardens which got us through World War II. My folks had a victory garden and I ate my way thru the garden in the summer.

Today, there is a movement afoot to support local family farms that grow their crops with little or no insecticides and pesticides. When you support these farmers at the farmers market you are called a
In the meantime, the news media accepts spin articles and news broadcasts on medical topics on many healthcare issues that are designed to confuse and miss-inform the individual. There have been 1000’s of studies about the value of Vitamin D and the results have not always been consistent. That is why physicians in general are slow in recognizing our Vitamin D deficiency epidemic. In reality, some studies have been poorly designed or they have been purposely designed to deliver a preplanned negative outcome or they don’t understand what interferes with raising the blood value of Vitamin D.

You may not be able to raise your blood value of Vitamin D, if you have liver or kidney function problems. If you are on Rx drugs that depress your Vitamin D blood value or use the Vitamin D2 form rather than the Vitamin D3 form.

Also, a form of D3 that is sub potent and poorly manufactured. Also, you may have a Magnesium deficiency. Two out of three Americans are deficient in magnesium due to our nutrient poor food supply. All of these issues are not identified or addressed in most research studies

Recently a local newspaper ran an article from the Tampa Bay Times that talked about the mystery of MS. They talked around the issue of the value of Vitamin D, and did state that there are few cases of MS at the equator and as you go north there is gradual increases until you get to the State of Washington, where they only have 38% sunlight year round and have the highest number of cases per capita. The article was more focused on talking about drugs that alleviate and slow the progress of MS. In other words, it was designed to reinforce the use of drugs in MS treatment.

All we need to do is convince Bill Gates through his foundation to test all citizens in Redmond Washington for their Vitamin D level and bring it up to the new normal of 50 ng’s and see what happens to the healthcare costs and the disease states in that city. We don’t have to go to African to find an epidemic.

The travesty of medicine is not to recognize the true value of having enough Vitamin D which by the way is not a vitamin but a hormone called calcitriol that is necessary for about 3,000 of our genes to function properly.

So what should you do? The intelligent decision is to have your physician measure your blood value of Vitamin D. If your doctor reads the test results and he says it is OK, you must ask him what the blood value is. Most physicians are behind the curve and believe a blood level of 25 ng’s is OK. I’m convinced it should be what Dr. Heaney says. 52 ng’s. There are mail order sources for getting your Vitamin D blood value measured. You can go to as well as for more information. It costs around $65 for a mail order blood test.

If you want a comprehensive blood test for all your key nutrients including Vitamin D, you have to find an enlightened allopathic physician or a homeopathic physician who can order you the “30 nutrient blood test” from You can go to their website to learn more.

Your medical insurance will pay for a vitamin D blood test if you have a medical condition where low Vitamin D has been recognized as being part of the problem. If you need to take Vitamin D, most physicians will write you a prescription for a mega dose of 50,000 IU’s of Vitamin D2. Canadian Research indicates that Vitamin D2 which is ergocalciferol is not as easily metabolized as Vitamin D3 which is cholecalciferol. It is wiser to buy a well-known brand of Vitamin D3 in the Vitamin Department of a Drug Store which is the more effective form.

I believe strongly that you only achieve and maintain good health through good nutrition and avoiding toxins in factory foods including meat from factory animal farms. That is why I have created an educational website called

My goal is to educate the American people about good health and hope that our school systems from kindergarten on to medical school address the health education issue.

Outrageous healthcare costs are contributing to the economic crisis that we are dealing within this country.

When our national debt equals our gross domestic product it is a stain on the politicians of both political parties for listening to the special interests who profit from the status quo.

N2E+ for Life stands for nutrition void of toxins as much as possible and supplementing with nutrients to compensate for the lack of nutrients in our food supply.
Also, exercising to maintain muscle tone and body shape plus learning to distress your daily life to avoid the detrimental effects of stress on your mind and your body.

I hope I have given you the incentive today to take charge of your health. Reject junk food, read food labels and avoid processed foods with preservatives, dyes artificial sweeteners and other toxins. Determine what nutrients you are deficient in and correct accordingly. Exercise and find your mind-body harmony in your daily life to reduce your stress level which can negatively impact your immune system. In essence, you will be practicing N2E+ for Life.

There is so much more I want to share with you, but you will need to go to my website called to learn more.

Here is Dr. Heaney’s slide about life expectancy.

He believes all of us can live into our 90’s if we have sufficient Vitamin D.

I believe it is true if we practice N2E+ for Life.

I wish all of you a long healthy life.

Thank you Thomas Braun RPh
Founder N2E Health Education Institute, LLC