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What the FDA is not telling you about Acetaminophen (#1 Brand Tylenol)

It is my professional opinion that individuals who chronically take daily doses of acetaminophen with or without alcohol risk the depletion of their bodies’ store of an essential amino acid called glutathione.
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The chemical was discovered around 1900. It has no anti-inflammatory properties. It sat on the chemist’s shelf as an oddity until the 1950’s when J&J decided to market it as a competitive product to aspirin. The marketing advantage was that it reduced the risk of stomach ulcers.
Physicians bought into the concept big time. The pain pill was legitimized by the FDA because it was marketed originally only to physicians as an Rx item. Once J&J had the marketing information that stated “Tylenol is the number one recommended pain pill by physicians” the product was converted to a non-prescription status. Fast forward to the 1980’s and an Australian physician determined that the major culprit in stomach ulcers was H. Pyloric. It took 10 years for our medical profession to accept his findings as being legitimate.

Our livers today are being over taxed by a myriad of trace toxins that need to be metabolized by our livers. When overdosing occurs, essential nutrients are depleted. Glutathione is a key one that is destroyed by excess acetaminophen consumption. In addition, it is converted to phenacetin in the body and will crystalize in the kidney and damage the nephrons if the individual is dehydrated. The FDA took phenacetin off the market, but no one at the FDA looked at how acetaminophen is metabolized in the body.

There is a current theory that the FDA is aware of, that consumption of acetaminophen creates a gliotoxin that causes autism in the infant. Paregoric has been replaced by Tylenol baby drops over the last 50 years. Read my “Autism Crisis N2E”  article. Major cultural changes have taken place over the last fifty years or so. Considering the heartache of parents who have an autistic child and the number of people who have required a liver transplant due to acetaminophen poisoning why do we need it except under physician’s supervision?

Also consider the fact that many millions overdosed over the last 50 years. Some of which died for lack of a liver being available or just not seeking medical help in time. A mother whose son had the flu died of self-medicating on multiple acetaminophen products pleaded with the FDA to prevent this from happening in the future. It fell on deaf ears back in the 1990’s.I believe our medical leadership lacks compassion, empathy and real concern for preventing unnecessary pain and suffering due to the over use of OTC and Rx drugs in the US. Acetaminophen is the poster child of bad medicine. When will bad drug marketing stop trumping good medicine?

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