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Symphony of Life

My perspective of our very existence has been altered recently. I viewed a new documentary called “The Symphony of the Soil” It explained how soil is alive with microbes that work with the plants to provide the nutrients that the plants require. In turn, we consume the plants that carry some of the nutrients we require. We in turn require microbes in our gut to help facilitate the absorption and production of the nutrients that our cells require. In essence, we come full circle and eventually return to the soil. We must be in concert with the earth to survive.

The American Indian respected our mother earth. Unfortunately, our modern American society does not respect the earth and we are forever poisoning our soil with toxins from our meat and crop growing protocols including the false belief that we can do better than nature. We are adding tons and tons of toxins to our environment as waste products such as CO2** as well as adding insecticides, herbicides and now glyphosates to mother earth that is up taken into the food crops that we consume to stay alive. We are destroying the earth microbes with the toxins that are part of our life cycle. We are creating dead earth. We are the recipients of multiple trace toxins that negatively impact our bio systems. We are also the recipient of dead food without the precious nutrients that we need. We have become a chemical society that shows no respect for mother earth.

As an example, Splenda (sucralose) is found in our water everywhere. It is found in our Ocean water. It is now known that it destroys the good bacteria in our gut. We need good bacteria in our gut to deliver the key nutrients we need. Each molecule of Splenda contains 3 Chlorine atoms. The chlorine atom is a master oxidizer. This is one example out of thousands of how we are negatively impacting our health.

We are an expression of mother earth and need to respect it. I fear that the voices of reason and understanding are being drowned out by those that profit from their efforts to violate this earth. The challenge is how can we identifying an action plan that changes the path this society is on to ruination and our eventual demise?

The adult human is estimated to have 37 trillion cells in its body. Each of these 37 trillion cells has the blueprint for life in its DNA which is composed of 30,000 genes which is an array of only 4 amino acids structured uniquely for each gene. Each cell has been programmed to have a function prescribed by the blueprint for life. The process of existing and replicating requires 100’s of nutrients to be available for the living cell to perform its task properly.

When toxins in varying amounts are introduced into the body through our modern lifestyle which has changed dramatically over the last century, these toxins in trace amounts compete with the essential nutrients for the cell’s needs. In other words, the receptor sites on the cell have a nutrient replaced by a toxic molecule that is similar in design to the nutrient that is supposed to be available at the receptor site.
The nutrient that has been studied most extensively by the scientists in the last 10 years is Vitamin D. Each of the 37 trillion cells in our body have a receptor site for Vitamin D. Research indicates that they have identified over 3000 genes that require the active form of Vitamin D called calcitriol to enter the cell and turn on a specific gene to have the body stay at its optimum health. When the human is 100% healthy, all the cells are in harmony with each other and the mind and the body are in sync. The expression of life is at its fullest and the song of life is seen and heard.

When we do not have the optimal amounts of the nutrients required, the orchestra’s harmony becomes less vibrant and not all the orchestra participants have a role to play. Using Vitamin D as an example, when the blood value drops lesser amount of genes are turned on to provide the vibrancy of life that we are capable of. Discords develop.

Science has recognized that if you don’t have healthy bones you are deficient in Vitamin D. There is general agreement, that you need about 30 ng’s to prevent bone discord. What has not been said is that at this level we only have a band of 10 players singing the song of life rather than a full orchestra.

As we increase the blood value of vitamin D, our song of life becomes richer and more vibrant. At 50 to 60 ng’s where we were a half century ago before the lifestyle changes we have made has caused us in general to lose half the blood value of vitamin D that is essential to a healthy life.

Now that we are experiencing minimal values of Vitamin D, the susceptibility to disease states has increased dramatically, because not only is Vitamin D competing for its receptor site on the cell, but all the other key nutrients have toxins competing for the rest of the receptor sites.

What is emerging out of the research is the fact that to have a harmonious body, we need to double our vitamin D blood level from 30 ng’s to 60 ng’s. If we are fighting cancer which is caused by abnormal cells turned on not by the nutrients, but by a toxin or pathogen, we have great discord within our body and we need to double the blood value of Vitamin D again to help bring harmony back. Vitamin D does not do it alone, but is just the base violin which works with all the other instruments (nutrients) in the orchestra to provide the song of life (strong immune system) which each of us wants to enjoy life to the fullest.
Our food system has continued to deliver us less and less nutritious food laced with too many trace toxins that is overwhelming our ability to cope.
To bring the orchestra up to its full potential, we must reject foods delivering the wrong sheet music in our life. Nature (God) created the perfect human being. We are using herbicides, insecticides, antibiotics, growth hormones, cold tar dyes, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, and many more toxins to produce the food we consume today. Man is destroying the symphony of life by having the wrong concept of what is food.

My mission is to share with everyone what I have learned about our less than healthy lifestyle in the US.