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Topical discussion on the number one health crisis that is emerging in the United States. The future of America depends on our ability to solve this heallth crisis.

Autism Crisis

Our Autism Crisis
Why are we ignoring that there has been a cultural shift in the US after WWII.
Fifty years ago only 1:10,000 children acquired autism. It is now 1:40 according to the latest reports. After WWII we shifted to factory farming big time, we also embraced convenient food and drink. We are over consuming sugary beverages big time. We went to a two wage earner family. We began sending our infants to nursery school and more disease states emerged from the community nursery.
The convenient answer was more vaccines. What has been largely ignored is that the consumption of nutritionally poor choices has dramatically increased and more and more trace amounts of toxins have creep into our food supply. The cumulative effect of this makes us more disease prone and our immune system is under siege.
It is my belief our nation is at great risk, not from beyond our borders, but from within. It isn’t from acts of civil war, but from the risk of extinction because of the declining quality of nutritional foods we consume and the cumulative effect of a myriad of toxins in our food supply and environment that is destroying our good health.
The harbinger of this is reflected in the exponential explosion of autism over the last fifty years. There has been over a 1000% increase in the occurrence of infants acquiring this malady.
The United States needs more and not less children who are well educated in the United States to manage this economy for future generations and the continued health of our country. The opposite is transpiring and this condition must be reversed for our survival and to avoid becoming a second class nation.
I believe we can reverse this crisis. We cannot procrastinate on this matter. Every year an additional 80,000 children (increasing every year!) are diagnosed with this malady and require millions of dollars of additional healthcare over their life time. We have to stop the heartache and pain the parents experience while caring for the autistic child.
It can be reversed if we get a commitment from our medical community and Washington to reverse it through concentrated prenatal and natal care based on common sense.
This I do know. Fifty years ago it wasn’t a crisis. Today, the Amish in Ohio have not made the cultural shift and their children are not at risk any more that they were 50 years ago. There are physicians who understand the root cause and are treating the mothers and infants in a manner that they are not acquiring autism today.
When we know that only 9% of seniors were helped by the flu vaccine this last winter and that the majority of polio cases were acquired due to the Sauk vaccine, we need to re-think how depended we should be on vaccines.

What is it going to take? Do we have to have a million autistic people march on Washington to stop this madness? Would physicians focus on nutrition if they were paid for their time?
That is why I founded N2E+ for Life. The key to good health is good nutrition, nutrients for what is absent in our diet, exercise and mind-body harmony to avoid stress.
I have a website called
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Post Script. Mercury is toxic. It has resulted in the ban on glass medical thermometers. It was also in Tincture of Merthiolate which was banned 30 years ago. Why is it that the Flu vaccine for seniors still has Merthiolate (thimerisol) as a preservative? If there is a small mercury spill in the home and it is reported, the response is from a Hazmat Team in white protective clothing. In the winter of 2013, it was reported that only 9% of the seniors who received flu vaccine benefited from it. At the same time all seniors received a dose of mercury. Is that good medicine? Doesn’t the FDA apply the same rules to all?