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The Truth Behind Cholesterol Drugs

It isn’t often that a physician recognizes the fact that the medical science behind a multi-multi-billion dollar prescription drug class is based on poor medical research and has the courage to speak out on the uncounted physical harm that is being caused by it’s use

The physician who wrote the book “How Statin Drugs Really Work” has done just that.

The impetus for this three year project was motivated by the fact that her husband was a victim. Learn the truth that has been hidden from the FDA that unwittingly approved statin drugs for lowering cholesterol blood levels in a manner that causes more harm that good.

The research is impeccable, documented and overwhelming.  The author is an expert on human cellular biological function and is horrified by the physical harm than the statin drugs are doing over time to millions of statin drug users. Not to mention how it is contributing to a bloated expensive Healthcare system in the  United States.
This book should be recommend reading for all physicians as well as medical students who will soon
pledge to “Do no harm” to their future patients.
Thomas A. Braun RPh Founder Bringing health education to the community.
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