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The Ugly Side to Food Dyes by Lisa McGill

The children’s food industry knows exactly what sells. Children like attractive packaging, bright colors and vivid, sugary fruit drinks with a hue so artificial they don’t look like they’ve ever been near a real fruit. Judging by the worldwide renewal of interest in organic foods, parents are beginning to realize the damaging health impact that pesticides and additives have on their children’s food. Unfortunately on many occasions the children are present for the weekly shopping trip and so influence parental buying decisions. Shop displays are often aimed at children with items that would appeal to them placed on lower shelves within easy reach or near to checkout tills so they can pester their parents on the way out for that extra purchase and children are bombarded with commercials on TV, billboards and in magazines every day. It is how junk sells and it’s a strategy that has worked for decades.

The ADHD Epidemic

At the same time, the rate of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder has grown by 24% in only one decade and demand for the drug, Ritalin, has sky rocketed. Of all the countries in the world, the US consumes 85% of the supply of Ritalin. Through 1991-1999 the prescription rate for Ritalin climbed by an unbelievable 500%. Now, 10% of both high school aged boys and girls in the US are taking medication for ADHD.

What is even more concerning about these startling statistics is that the drug Ritalin is an amphetamine-like drug and it acts on the brain in the same way as an amphetamine or cocaine by stimulating dopamine, a neurotransmitter in the brain responsible for the feeling of pleasure. It is addictive in people who use it heavily and prescriptions can be procured for the purposes of illicit use, which is what led to it being banned in Sweden.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in Children

In addition to children with ADHD, There are also up to 500,000 children and teens that have obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) in the US – a condition where the child thinks obsessively about the same subject again and again or they are fixated on performing the same activity repeatedly. They may also feel anxious as if they are in danger and not be able to rid themselves of the feeling. The sheer number of young people with OCD matches that of young people with diabetes and means that for every average sized elementary school there will be four or five children enrolled who have OCD. Before reaching for the bottle of pills to calm down a child that is bouncing off the ceiling, parents should look in their cupboards at the food they buy because chances are what the child is eating is contributing to or even causing the disruptive behavior.

Food Dyes, Hyperactivity and Bad Behavior

Food dyes are a number one culprit. In a study of almost 300 children, researchers tested the ability of food additives to cause hyperactivity. They gave a group of children two types of fruit drink containing the preservative sodium benzoate and various food colorings including:

Sunset yellow dye

Quinoline yellow dye


Allura red dye

They drank the preservative and dye laced drinks for a week with the three year olds having 300mls a day and the eight to nine year olds having 625mls a day. In a separate week, the children were given a placebo drink that didn’t contain the chemicals and their parents and teachers were asked to record their attention levels on a specially designed computer test.

Both parents and teachers found that when children had the additive drinks – containing enough dye andpreservativesfor two to four 56g bags of sweets –it had a significant negative effect on their behavior. Even when the amount of drink consumed was restricted, the negative behavior still occurred.

Endocrine Disrupting Dyes

Parents would be forgiven for thinking that it’s just sweets and cordial that is the problem. Dyes on any type of food have potential health risks. You might have bought your child a nice piece of fish, thinking that is healthy and will give him his omega 3, but what you didn’t know is, many varieties of fish are actually sprayed with dye so that they retain their pink fleshy look. It makes them more visually appealing to the customer. People don’t want to eat gray fish and it would affect sales – but if they were aware of what goes into their food they might change their mind.

Sometimes a preservative is used to prevent the fish from losing its color after death. This preservative – 4-hexylresocrinol – has been used routinely but has only recently been discovered to be an endocrine disruptor. It actually mimics the action of estrogen in the body. This can have numerous unintended health consequences such as infertility and cancer.

Due to research into the harmful effects of food dyes, the UK government has requested that all food manufacturers remove artificial colorings from their products but the US hasn’t followed suit. There are over 3,000 food additives and dyes added to food in the US and none are safety tested to see if they disrupt hormones. Given the vast number of functions that hormones have in regulating every aspect of our physical body and our emotions and behavior, it seems almost incredible that this vital information is omitted from safety tests. Even more incredible is the fact that health agencies rarely consider the huge array of chemicals ingested by children every day that may be impacting negatively on their physical and emotional development.

Choose Organic for your Child

If you want to avoid hyperactivity in your child, go back to basics. Instead of buying pre-packaged meals, cook your own from fresh, local produce so that you know what is going into your family food. It is more time consuming but it’s worth it. Choose organic so that you can be sure there are no pesticides or herbicides in your food. Organic food manufacturers usually do not add any dyes to their produce. Cut out the excess sugar, candy and fruit cordials from your child’s diet and opt for real fruit juice or filtered water instead. Then sit back and see if your child’s concentration and school work improves.

The Chicken and the Egg

One of the basic mysteries of life is what came first, the chicken or the egg? We can’t solve that question, but we can learn about how the chicken egg has evolved in the last 50 years.

Back in the 1950’s I read an article in Scientific America about how a Professor of Animal Husbandry proposed a new way to mass produce chicken eggs for the American consumer. Basically, it took the chicken from the farmyard and sunlight to a mechanized feeding and growing production line inside metal barns a half block long with artificial lighting. It is not uncommon to have 10,000 to 30,000 chickens crammed into metal cages inside these metal barns.

The chickens are fed a diet that stimulates faster growth and they weigh more than the barnyard chicken of old. This concept was embraced by the chicken farmers, and today, the majority of the 75 billion eggs produced in the US are from the factory chicken production lines.

It was discovered early on, that 30% of the chickens were developing rickets and breaking their legs. In addition, the crowded cage conditions increased the risk of having a bird disease caused by pathogens to decimate the chicken population.

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Infant Guinea Pigs

The marketing of Splenda by Johnson and Johnson epitomizes the advertising genius of how to sell a chemical sweetener to the American public. Not only has Johnson and Johnson done an A plus job on the brand name for sucralose, but sucralose is now seen as the answer to the obesity problem in the United States. It is now in thousands and thousands of food products consumed by the American public. Most of the products are advertising the lessened caloric intake of the product per serving. Most buyers of these food and drink products don’t even know they are consuming sucralose and not sucrose.

 It is amazing how two little letters can spell the difference between believing you are ingesting a naturally occurring sweetener verses a synthetically manipulated chemical where three oxidizing chlorine atoms are added to the chemical compound that resembles a sugar molecule.

What is generally misunderstood by the public is that salt which is a combination of sodium and chlorine which are toxic when isolated are not toxic for human consumption when it exists within the human body when it is at the normal saline solution level within the body. This paradox is explained by the fact that salt is a compound, a unique chemical substance, and not merely a mixture of sodium and chlorine. In fact, sodium atoms and chlorine atoms do not exist as such in salt! Every sodium atom has lost an electron to a chlorine atom, forming positive sodium ions, Na+, and negative chloride ions, CL-. It is not these negative chlorine atoms that are worrisome. It is oxidizing chlorine atoms that are being ingested.

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Food Allergies Affecting Our Children

All mothers should listen to what Robyn has discovered about allergies and genetically altered crops that are affecting our children.

This video must be played. A very bright lady who dug into the cause of food allergies. Thank you Robyn! Food toxins are a major contributor to our out of control healthcare costs in this country. Combine that with nutrient deficiencies and the picture becomes clearer why we are suffering from continuing expansion of disease states in our US population. We need to bring all health advocates together to create a strong voice for change. Only through education can we accomplish this change. Thomas A. Braun RPh Founder N2E Health Education Institute.

The Truth Behind Cholesterol Drugs

It isn’t often that a physician recognizes the fact that the medical science behind a multi-multi-billion dollar prescription drug class is based on poor medical research and has the courage to speak out on the uncounted physical harm that is being caused by it’s use

The physician who wrote the book “How Statin Drugs Really Work” has done just that.

The impetus for this three year project was motivated by the fact that her husband was a victim. Learn the truth that has been hidden from the FDA that unwittingly approved statin drugs for lowering cholesterol blood levels in a manner that causes more harm that good.

The research is impeccable, documented and overwhelming.  The author is an expert on human cellular biological function and is horrified by the physical harm than the statin drugs are doing over time to millions of statin drug users. Not to mention how it is contributing to a bloated expensive Healthcare system in the  United States.
This book should be recommend reading for all physicians as well as medical students who will soon
pledge to “Do no harm” to their future patients.
Thomas A. Braun RPh Founder Bringing health education to the community.
Go to: and enter discount code  mkmm8wbf

Vitamin D Video Review

2012 Update of Hello Sunshine A primer on Vitamin D focuses on the history of why 3 out of 4 Americans are deficient on Vitamin D and also explores the issue with presentations from Dr. Garland and Dr. Heaney who have devoted their medical career in researching the Vitamin D deficiency issue and what has to be done to reverse this medical travesty. Scientists now know that over 2400 genes require Vitamin D for normal biological function. Vitamin D deficiencies help contribute to the expression of different disease states and the impact on cancer and other major disease states is reviewed. New developments are addressed in this updated video. An informational video designed to motive individuals to have their blood value of Vitamin D determined and to take the appropriate treatment action with professional medical guidance.

Two minutes of the video on YouTube

He believes that Big Pharma, the FDA and Obamacare has lost their compass.
He has made a web page showing how you can have a healthy long life thru nutrients and nutrition (N2) and exercise (E).

Watched the 1 hour video Feb 2012
Nice introduction/overview of many of the vitamin D concerns
Probably covers more of the vitamin D topics than any other video I have seen
Includes videos of some of the vitamin D scientists
Notes on topics covered: 
Cancer vs latitude
Baggerly video
Garland video
We are now longer out in the sun
Sun screen
Spina Bifada analogy to vitamin D 1970 ==> 1996 FDA but only 1/4 as much as was needed.
still have 1500 per year with spina bifida (this was news to Henry)
Heaney video
Colon cancer
Prostate Cancer
Lung Cancer
Smoking reduces vitamin D
Vitamin D needed to activate genes – genes needed due to stress, etc
Have gone too far with the pendulum to avoid the sun – blocked all of the vitamin D from the sun
Only thing listed in Physicians Desk Reference is Vitamin D2
Doctors had been taught that > 1,000 IU vitamin D was toxic (as he had been)
40-60 ng is the level he feels is correct
Henry Lahore 360-301-9413

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Published on 01 of Feb., 2012

The Cumulative Effect of Sucralose

The latest artificial sweetener that is rapidly being disseminated to a myriad of food products is called Splenda. That is the branded name. The ingredient name is called sucralose. The ingredient name was chosen to convey the message that it is sugar like. Natural and without calories. The branded name Splenda was chosen because it conveys the concept that it is good and satisfying to the individual that consumes it. The marketing campaign behind Splenda is strong and powerful and is an example of the genius of an advertising agency. The product belongs to Johnson and Johnson and is being sold by the McNeil Nutritionals LLC (so named to convey the impression they sell natural products) It is a testimony to the marketing muscle of one of the most profitable giant global drug manufacturers. It is also a testament to the FDA’s inability to control the spread of chemicals into food products (including some kid’s chewable vitamins and baby foods) that are harmless in minute amounts when tested for safety in short term medical studies that are used to prove the chemical is safe. About 10 years ago, Dr. Mercola reported there were over 4500 food products that contained sucralose. Today, that number has to be in excess of 10,000 and growing.  The food manufacturer likes the product because it saves them money because it costs less than the cost of a sweetener like sugar or liquid corn syrup and it provides a marketing message that the consumer will lose weight if they buy the Splenda containing product which continues to be proven false. Only over time will the true health consequences of consuming it in multiple food and drink products be known.

Go to: learn more. This is only the most recent example of being overdosed by chemicals in products the American public consumes.During WWI, the Germans used mustard gas to disable their enemy. It was discovered by a chemist who combined ethylene and chlorine gas. It was spread in a yellow fog over the battle field and when inhaled or it touched the skin it caused blisters. It was a concentrated chemical combination of sulfur and chlorine gas. It is the chemical warfare agent that was banned by treaty. Chlorine is the chemical in bleach that is used to whiten clothes today. It is the concentration that determines its effect on humans or the whitening of clothes. The Chlorine atom is an oxidizing agent and when it comes into contact with human cells it destroys them. Each Splenda molecule contains 3 chlorine atoms.A few years back, a lawsuit was settled in California between Johnson and Johnson and the Sugar industry over the advertising that Splenda was a natural product like sugar. Johnson and Johnson claimed it was derived from sugar. The sugar industry won, but the name remains and implies to the consumer the product is natural and good.Once the FDA approves a product for marketing in the US, they are powerless to remove it from the market. Only through consent and agreement by the manufacturer can a product approved by the FDA be removed. In the case of Splenda, it will take years to determine the true effects of consuming multiple products that contains chlorine atoms and its effect on the health of the individual.This same scenario is also true for Equal (aspartame) which was approved by the FDA under the direction of Dr. Arthur Hayes who was working as a consultant for the US Army bio weapons division who had aspartame on the potential bio warfare weapons list in the 1970’s prior to his appointment to head the FDA. Donald Rumsfeld when he was Secretary of the Army in the 1970’s knew Dr. Hayes and used his political muscle to get Dr Hayes approved as the head of the FDA when Ronald Reagan became president . Mr. Rumsfeld was president of Searle at the time and had been frustrated by the FDA for 6 years in having Searle’s Equal rejected for human consumption. A great deal of research has indicated that it had detrimental health effects when consumed. At the same time, the manufacturer has generated a like amount of positive spin over the years to confuse the consumer. Now, they have introduced Equal for home baking which is sucralose with the Equal brand name.Another example is the impact of acetaminophen (#1 Brand name Tylenol) on the health of the American public. It has taken almost 60 years for it to be known that over 50% of all liver transplants are caused by the over consumption of acetaminophen that is found in over the counter sleep products, pain products and cold products. Thousands of people have innocently died because of over consumption and/or taking the acetaminophen with alcohol. Drug manufacturers of the 100’s of products both Rx and OTC will be required to put new warnings on the acetaminophen products they sell. Implementation is at a snail’s pace.It has taken almost four years to have these changes become regulations.  Implementing the changes is still in progress. In the meantime many thousands more required a liver transplant over the last four years. Over 40,000 cases of acetaminophen poisoning occur each year.Only recently, have there been public safety announcements from the government about being careful about not over dosing on acetaminophen. Too little too late for many. France and United Kingdom has limited the amount of acetaminophen that can be purchased and has drastically reduced the number of people poisoned by overdosing.

Until the FDA considers the impact of chemicals in the multiple products that are consumed by the American public and puts limitations in effect, the health of the American consumer will be subject to new health risks, each time an inventive chemist discovers a new chemical to enhance the falsely perceived food enhancement value.

Read the ingredient label on the drug or food product you buy before you make your decision to purchase.

Buyer Beware! Don’t count on the FDA to protect you!

by Thomas A. Braun RPh