Fire Flies and Bees


All living things both animal and vegetable require their cellular health to be wholesome and are dependent on a food supply that keeps their cells healthy without the ingestion of toxins/chemicals.The DNA of all living things can be corrupted by toxins/chemicals and the cells malfunction. The result is death rapidly or slowly depending on the concentration of toxins that are ingested.

Agent Orange is a rapid form of death to all living things. In Vietnam it was used for 14 years to defoliate forests so they could find the enemy. In Columbia, South America it was used to destroy marijuana fields by the DEA.
Unfortunately, American troops in Vietnam were exposed to the chemical and in Columbia the indigenous natives were exposed. Great harm was done to both groups of people, and now it is known that the children of Vietnam veterans that were exposed are now suffering from ill health due to the fact that corrupted DNA has been passed to the next generation.

The active ingredient in Agent Orange is a Glyphosate in a concentrated form coupled with a surfactant that helps the poison to penetrate through the protective layer of oil on the plant or the skin to cause great harm.
We know about Agent Orange in the United States in a weak form called Round Up. We use it on our lawns as a weed killer in a diluted form and on our farms to kill weeds on the millions of crop acres that grow our food. Through genetic engineering we have learned how to grow GMO crop plants that are resistant to Round Up and it allows for more concentrated use of the chemicals on our growing crops.

Unfortunately, it also means that the plant food source uptakes the glyphosate into the edible crop that is then processed and sold to the general population.

The end result is that we are ingesting trace glyphosate toxins in our food supply daily in the United States from GMO food products. In turn, inflammatory processes, allergies, asthma and other health issues are growing. This is especially true of cereal which comes from a GMO source and is feed to our children. Go to: to learn how GMO crops are impacting the health of children.

Also, the food scientists have created genetically modified crops that produce their own insecticide because they have spliced a non-plant gene (cross-species) into the DNA of the plant that is programmed to produce a poison that kills the insects that reduces the crop yield. All of this is done on the assumption that it is the only way to feed the billions of people in this world.

Over 60 countries around the world have passed laws that protect the right of their citizens to know if they are buying a GMO food product. Not in the United States. Congress passed a bill in 2016 called the DARK act that diminishes the ability to know what we are consuming. It was designed by Monsanto and their supporters to deny us the right to choose between GMO and non-Gmo products.

The following paragraph is an excerpt from a letter written to me from Congressman John McCain defending the lobbyist driven bill that benefits Monsanto.

Genetically modified foods (GMOs) allow crops to be grown with greater consistency and at higher yields, although some have raised questions about the environmental effects of some GMO crops. As a result, some states have created mandatory labeling programs that require the labeling of foods containing genetically modified organisms. I have concerns about a patchwork of mandatory labeling laws that would increase compliance costs for farmers and food manufactures that would, in turn, be passed along to American consumers and low-income families

Higher yields don’t equate to higher nutritional values)

In turn Senator McCain along with the majority of others in the Senate voted for the DARK Act that puts the labeling laws into the closet to benefit the players in Big Agra that benefit from lack of disclosure. Bernie Sanders voted NO! President Obama signed the bill.

It has been announced that Bayer of Germany is buying Monsanto for over 50 Billion dollars to make them the largest Seed and Pesticide Company in the world. The goal is to control the seed source for the benefit of Bayer as well as sell more chemicals as herbicides and pesticides to maximize the profits without any regard as to the consequences of or the destruction of our environment and life itself on this planet.

So what has it got to do with bees and fire flies? Bees are pollinators that are disappearing at a rapid pace around the United States. When bees try to extract honey from the flowers of GMO plants that have been preprogrammed to produce an insecticide, they ingest the insecticide and their DNA is corrupted and they die. Fire flies in turn have lost their habitat, been subject to toxins and light pollution to void communication between fire flies.
As we lose our pollinators of plants in the United States, we lose our ability to grow non-GMO food. That’s Ok with Bayer that wants to control the cost of seeds, but it isn’t Ok with me who doesn’t want my family and future generations’ from being harmed by the chemicals in our food supply that corrupt the DNA of our cells and our ability to reproduce healthy new generations.

We must examine how we are supporting this trend and stop. Our dependence on chemicals in our society must be reduced or we have lost the battle for having a healthy society

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