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Why a true cancer cure will not exist within the current paradigm of traditional medical treatment


Oncologists around the world have been trained in treating cancers with chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. All of these approaches are an attempt to stop the growth of the cancer cells that are creating the malignancy. All of these approaches can and usually slow the progression of the cancer, but the inevitable triumphs.

Understanding the genesis of cancer development is the starting point of stopping the ever increasing toll of cancer on the human race. Accepting the fact that all of us carry cancer cells in our body during our whole life is the first step of understanding. The second step is to understand that one of the functions of our magnificent immune system is to eradicate aberrant cells that have been malformed.

Our immune system monitors cell development and destroys all cells that do not comply with God’s blueprint for our existence. Having an impaired immune system allows cancer cells to grow and interferes with the biological functions of the human body.

In the United States, two hundred years ago, it was uncommon for Americans except the elderly to develop cancer. That is not the case today. Humans of all ages from infants to the elderly are acquiring cancers of all types. So..Why is that?

It is an expression of a life style that has been molded by a nutritional system that has lost its focus on delivering nutrient rich food, coupled with the fact that creative food scientists have discovered how to enhance the food consumption experience. This has been done by adding chemicals to the food we eat that are factory processed to enhance the color, the flavor and the shelf life of the finished food, with little regard as to the cumulative effect of the toxins on the bodies cells’ ability to reproduce normally.

This toxic effect on our cells is compounded by the consumption of pharmaceutical products that may not only directly impact the normal division of cells, but also have in some cases the ability to deplete essential nutrients that are required for normal cell division.

The current wisdom is that the minute amounts of these chemicals don’t have an impact on the ability of cells to divide properly and are innocuous. What has not been recognized is that today we are dealing with a cascade of chemicals in 10’s of 1000’s of factory foods that we consume along with a nutrient poor food supply due to depleted soil, genetically modified crops, and factory created foods.

In addition there is a negative impact of drugs and the food toxins on the essential nutrient base that is required to remain healthy. This phenomenon impairs the immune system’s ability to remain whole and vibrant so it can destroy the aberrant cells that potentially can become cancers.

Since President Nixon declared war on cancer about 50 years ago, the pharmaceutical industry has been searching for the magical cure for cancer. They have not found one. It is now common place for the oncologists to declare that a cancer patient is cured if they survive 60 months after diagnosis. The only true progress that has been made is the fact that cancers caused by smoking cigarettes has declined and has contributed to a decline in some of the cancer rates. What has been spawned is a 50 billion dollar US chemotherapy industry designed to slow the progression of cancers. It is seven times as large as the European use of chemotherapy with similar survival outcomes.

The actual cure for cancer can be found within in us by being dedicated to avoiding toxins and maintaining a good nutritional base, along with exercise and avoiding stress.

A young neurologist fresh from medical school 22 years ago discovered this the hard way. He was helping test a new brain scanning system and he volunteered to do an MRI. They scanned his brain and discovered that he had a brain tumor. They removed it the best they could and he survived the surgery. In turn, he researched the value of organic foods and discovered there were anti-cancer foods rich in nutrients that the cells of our body require. The result is that Dr. Servan-Schreiber has shared his research in a book entitled “Anti-Cancer New Way of Life”

Unfortunately he passed away in July of 2011, twenty years after diagnosis. Doctor Devra Davis, the Founder of the Environmental Health Trust who is campaigning for safer use of cell phones believes that Dr. Servan-Schreiber was a victim of heavy cell phone usage that caused his brain tumor to return. Dr. Davis is most concerned about children’s use of the cell phone.

Modern life styles in the United States and other non-tropical or sub-tropical areas around the globe have become Vitamin D deficient environments for the inhabitants of those nations. There is strong evidence that the active form of Vitamin D called calcitriol is an essential component for a strong immune system. It is estimated that 1 billion people around the globe are vitamin D deficient.

The pharmaceutical industry is well aware of the value of Vitamin D for maintaining a strong immune system. In fact, there is a global effort underway to discover an analog of vitamin D that is patentable that will boost the immune system. The objective is to make it into a profitable pharmaceutical for the treatment of cancer and other diseases.

There is also another group of scientists and advocates that are determined to educate our medical community to the fact that sufficient Vitamin D levels of 50 ng’s are essential for good health and the reduction of disease states in the United States and around the globe. Currently, the medical community is content with their patients having a blood level of 25 ng’s.

If the Vitamin D deficiency is eradicated in the United States, the frequency of disease states in the American population would drop dramatically. Coupling this with the removal of toxins from our food supply and consuming nutrient rich food would restore the health of all Americans.

Eradicating the Vitamin D deficiency in the United States is only part of the solution. In addition, we have to convert a “disease-management” system to a true healthcare system by addressing the root causes of our crisis. These are not my words, but those of Dr. Weil who has eloquently said this in a recent interview.
The truth is that a nutritionally deficient food system is driving a dysfunctional and expensive healthcare system that is destroying the economic base of the United States.

The only solution that will work is to educate the American public to the need to reject foods that are nutritionally deficient, avoid toxins in our foods and environment, stay physically active and fit and avoid stress as much as possible. My formula for a long life is called N2E+ for Life.

The future of this nation depends on the ability of our leadership to recognize our dilemma and take the appropriate action to correct our food and health crisis. Lacking leadership means each of us has to be proactive to change the current detrimental food and medical lifestyles that we are subjected to, by rejecting those components that are impacting our health negatively.

Thomas A. Braun RPh President and Founder
N2E Health Education Institute, LLC
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