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Infant Guinea Pigs

The marketing of Splenda by Johnson and Johnson epitomizes the advertising genius of how to sell a chemical sweetener to the American public. Not only has Johnson and Johnson done an A plus job on the brand name for sucralose, but sucralose is now seen as the answer to the obesity problem in the United States. It is now in thousands and thousands of food products consumed by the American public. Most of the products are advertising the lessened caloric intake of the product per serving. Most buyers of these food and drink products don’t even know they are consuming sucralose and not sucrose.

 It is amazing how two little letters can spell the difference between believing you are ingesting a naturally occurring sweetener verses a synthetically manipulated chemical where three oxidizing chlorine atoms are added to the chemical compound that resembles a sugar molecule.

What is generally misunderstood by the public is that salt which is a combination of sodium and chlorine which are toxic when isolated are not toxic for human consumption when it exists within the human body when it is at the normal saline solution level within the body. This paradox is explained by the fact that salt is a compound, a unique chemical substance, and not merely a mixture of sodium and chlorine. In fact, sodium atoms and chlorine atoms do not exist as such in salt! Every sodium atom has lost an electron to a chlorine atom, forming positive sodium ions, Na+, and negative chloride ions, CL-. It is not these negative chlorine atoms that are worrisome. It is oxidizing chlorine atoms that are being ingested.

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Vitamin D Blood Test

Learn Your Vitamin D Blood Value and Share with Your Physician
Endocrine Society Physicians believe that pregnant women, infants, children, seniors, the obese, and individuals with dark skin pigment are at high risk for being seriously Vitamin D deficient.
The goal is to know your Vitamin D blood level for good health. Boost your Vitamin D level with sensible use of sunshine &/or Vitamin D3 supplementation.
Options for measuring your Vitamin D Blood value.
New in 2016! Phoenix, Az residents can order a Vitamin D blood test at Walgreen stores with a Theranos Blood Station for just over $20 without a physicians order.
1. Order test via your physician which may or may not be covered by Medicare or private medical insurance.  Cost without reimbursement between $200 to $350 including physicians fee. Correct Diagnosis medical coding by physician is essential for reimbursement.
2. Order via mail order program from www.vitamindcouncil.com Cost $65. Testing Kit provides     self-use instructions and required test components for taking and sending blood spot sample back to ZRT laboratory for evaluation. Results provided by mail. New York State excluded.
3. Order mail order test kit from www.grassrootshealth.net and enroll in 5 year study.  Cost $60 for 10 mail order kits over 5 years. Results provided via mail.  New York State excluded.
4. Order comprehensive Spectracell Nutrient Test Kit via your physician and learn your blood value of all key nutrients including Vitamin D, Co Q 10, Glutathione and 27 more nutrients. www.spectracell.com
Special request: Regardless of how you order your Vitamin D blood test, N2E would like you to share the results with us and tell us what action you took to improve your Vitamin D blood level.  Send information to tbran10@n2e4u.com.  All emails will be held in strictest confidence.  Only summary information with no name disclosures will be published on the N2E website to provide all viewers a up to date report on the actual state of Vitamin D deficiency in the United States.