Usurping Mother Nature



Where is umami? I did not miss spell the word “your mommy”. The word umami is a Japanese word for the word savory. According to the Kikkoman Sales article, it is widely accepted as the fifth primary taste. The trade article states “umami is decidedly more complex than its sweet, sour, bitter and salty counterparts”.

It is widely used by P.F. Changs and Pei Wei and other restaurants to enhance the food experience when you dine at their restaurant. It is part of the “lettuce wrap” experience. Umami appetite enhancers occur naturally but food scientists have learned to improve on Mother Nature. According to Eric Justice, VP Culinary Development for the restaurant chain: “Umami is the middle flavor, it’s the center of the flavor experience and can make a dish more fulfilling and satisfying”.

If you ask the restaurant chain if they add MSG (Mono-sodium-glutamate) to their dishes, the answer will be No! That is a half-truth statement. MSG which is an appetite enhancer is added in the form of Kikkoman Soy Sauce, which suggests in their sale article that their soy sauce is enhanced with the chemical MSG. Kikkoman goes on to state: “developing umami in a food product is largely achieved via the addition of MSG or other glutamates, GMP, IMP, yeast extracts, flavor enhancers rich in amino acids, fermented flavors or fermented products like soy sauce”. In other words, they improve on Mother Nature by adding chemicals or concentrating the natural form of the chemicals in their products.

Welcome to the world of Natural Flavors which is a multibillion dollar a year business. The problem is there is nothing “Natural” about “Natural Flavors”. It is too often unnatural because food chemists enhance and concentrate the natural flavors in foods many fold through chemistry to make it a more appetizing and flavorful dining experience whether it is at home or dining out. Most restaurants are now corporate entities with many outlets and control the dining experience. McDonalds Corporation is an excellent example that makes sure the fast food dining experience is the same worldwide. This is all done through the addition of chemicals to the food the customer consumes at their restaurants.

Natural Flavors is also found in many 1000’s of food products that are purchased in grocery stores, drugstores and gas stations. It is the norm. Morley Safer of 60 minutes presented a program called “The Flavorists” several years back that gave the American public a look at what is being done with the processed foods that we consume. Watch at:

All the food processors are competing for the customer’s food dollar and add “Natural Flavors” so that you commit to repurchasing their product, at home or dining out because it is more satisfying.
The FDA many years ago allowed the word “Natural Flavors” to be added to food labels without disclosing what chemicals are actually being added under the umbrella name “Natural Flavors”. Dr. Russell L. Baylock a neuro-surgeon did an excellent job exploring these issues in his book called: Excitotoxins.

The FDA’s action to help hide the toxins reflects the fact that food manufacturer’s rights usurp the citizen’s right to know what they are consuming.This is the current world of food marketing which also doesn’t want you to know when they use GMO food sources in their product. GMO food products are another source of trace toxins in your food supply that disrupt normal metabolic processes and give an inflammatory response to your body. Allergic reactions, GI inflammation and distress often are the result.

Currently, the food industry is supporting the push to prevent food products from being labeled for their GMO content. Around 40 million dollars per year is being spent on this issue with Kellogg being the major contributor to the cause. Cereal manufacturers would have a problem with finding non-GMO grains for their cereals and their sales and profit would suffer.

US Corn Farmers can’t sell their corn to China because they are GMO crops. They in turn have created a $1 Billion dollar class action law suit against the Gene-splicing company (Syngenta) that created their GMO corn.

Monsanto who sells glyphosates for crops that are absorbed by the plant and the food industry are succeeding. WHO..World Health Organization has labeled Monsanto’s glyphosate as being a probable carcinogen.
The House of Representatives (HR1599) has already approved the measure which is commonly called the DARK act. The Senate version has a provision which would standardize the meaning of “Natural” and would specifically require that GMOs be allowed in this definition. (That is, the bill would make ILLEGAL any definition of NATURAL that excluded a food on account of being genetically engineered.)

Now it is up the 100 Senators to agree or disagree with the action taken in the House bill. Will they vote for the good health of our coming generations or will they vote for their political pocketbook?
The truth of the matter is that the United Sates is the only major country in the world that has not passed a law that says all GMO food products be labeled as such. The American consumer must have the right to accept or reject the GMO food products. Over sixty countries in the world have already taken this action to protect their citizens.

Only in America are more and more personal rights being taken away to enhance the profits of corporations that control many aspects of our life style today.Only through grass roots efforts to reach and educate our representatives in Washington can we reverse this trend. The challenge is also to educate the public about how our food sources are doctored and spread the truth far and wide so this trend is reversed. Consumers must vote with their food pocket books.

When a Mother has to stress over the health of her children being impacted by multiple trace toxins in their food means action must be taken to reverse the heartache that is being experienced in too many homes in this country. You can access a video of a Texas mother who discovered the truth about GMO’s and the impact on her children’s health.

In my opinion, The FDA and the medical profession are not up to speed on the impact of so many trace toxins in our food supply that accumulates over time in the body and creates disease states. This in turn is driving up healthcare costs in the United States.

Take action and contact your Senator today. Go to: and voice your opinion. Tell your Congressman you don’t like the fact that YOUR RIGHT TO KNOW what you are consuming is being taken away from you.

Senator__________Vote NO on the DARK Act in the Senate.

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